My name is Soladayo Ajibade, I am a Christian, an Entrepreneur, a Teacher,a content writer, a Blogger, and i am passionate about the future of my generation and the ones after mine. So sit back and enjoy the read!

My Latest Posts

    For the past two weeks, I managed to stay off social media as I’ve been feeling distracted lately, I don’t get tasks done in time because I’m always having unnecessary conversations or viewing stories that most times get me uncomfortable. Those times, I was so consumed by self-doubt, uncertainty, fear, “What I’m I doing with […]
    What do you say to people?  How do you say it?  when do you say it? Words have power, you know right? In church, we always talk about the power of the tongue and how we need to BRIDLE it. In the world, it doesn’t have to be different. Be conscious of what you say, […]
    Have you ever felt or do you currently think you are wasting your time, resources, or skills (if you have any) in a place? probably your place of work, school at any level, NYSC, yes NYSC, or where ever you are at the moment and you feel you should be in a better place, you […]
  • You are radiating negative vibes.
    My guy! the fact that a guy cheated on you or any of your friends doesn’t give you licence to conclude guys cheat or would cheat . Sorry, just had to spill. You see couples together online or offline… If you don’t want to be happy for them or congratulate them as the case maybe, […]
  • I saw my ex today…
    Saw a post today: “Sometimes you don’t realize how terrible someone treated you until you’re explaining to someone else” it made so much sense because it was relatable.… Just before I reposted, I had a conversation with my friend, where I was telling him about my ex-lover and how he came to my workplace to […]
    Welcome to my blog, It’s my first time here and i think i am shy already lol. You know this “New year, new year me thing?” it has caught me and i am taking advantage of it o… I trust God that i will be consistent. see ya in few seconds… winks Your babe,Soladayo.
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